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Service 1
Already in high school, we were sure that our mission is to provide services to people. Services based on precisely defined values. The values we believed in as far back as thirteen years ago, when we created our first websites while still in high school, and which have not disappeared from our business even in these hectic and busy times:

  • >timelessness
  • >exceptional quality
  • >transparency
  • >originality
  • >reliability

Setting goals is important, fulfilling them is essential

We are aware that fulfilling the set goals and defining new ones is a move forward. Ours are mainly about customer relations and sustainable growth:

  • Building the OBS brand by gaining customers´ trust
  • Being a partner for the customer, not a supplier
  • Only a satisfied customer will tell others about us
  • • We can provide innovative solutions through continuous education
  • Preferring quality over quantity is a guarantee of our growth
Working people
We stand firm in this
  • Creativity
  • Uniqueness
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Emotion
  • Empathy

We are demanding of ourselves

Today we are a dynamic company with young, ambitious enthusiasts who love their work. We try to fulfil our vision - "To connect with honest, innovative companies and move them forward to the world level in their Internet space." Our customers - partners such as Proplusco, bauska., Micro IT, Neulogy Ventures, Simple Construction, iSauny, HotSpring, Minimax have ascertained themselves that we provide services "by heart". We respect each one of them, and they reward us with trust. This enables us to grow and we believe in a common successful future.

We have learned that we have to be demanding. Demanding of ourselves, of our work, but also of evaluating our own goals. This is the only way we can look our partner in the eye with a clear conscience.